<adenied> hmm
<adenied> i should put a bunch of meta tags on www.dfs.org to draw in all
          the kid pr0n losers and stuff
<Inc_work> yeah.
<Inc_work> you probably do already tho, with all the "dick dragging behind
           me" references and so forth.
<adenied> heheh
<Inc_work> it's funny that like 99% of the people who hit dfs.org are
           looking at your broadband hierarchy thing.
<adenied> yeah
<adenied> i should get rid of it
<Inc_work> heh  
<Inc_work> but I'm sure some of those people then go look at the rest of
           the page, and are disgusted.
<Inc_work> so it's all good.
<adenied> yeah that's true
<adenied> good
<adenied> fuckers
<adenied> heheh search for "dick dragging along behind me"
<adenied> on altavista
<Inc_work> heh. 
<Inc_work> heheh
<adenied> wow "dick dragging" comes up with twelve hits