The Digital Hierarchy

Signal LevelDigital Bit RateVoice CircuitsCarrier System
DS0/E0/J064 Kbps1(none)
DS1/J11.544 Mbps23 (24)T1/J1
E12.048 Mbps30 (32)E1
DS1C/J1C3.152 Mbps46 (48)T1C/J1C
DS2/J26.312 Mbps92 (96)T2/J2
E28.448 Mbps120 (132)E2
J332.064 Mbps480J3
E334.368 Mbps480 (537)E3
DS344.736 Mbps644 (672)T3
STS151.84 Mbps672OC1
DS3C89.472 Mbps1288 (1344)T3C
J497.728 Mbps1440J3C
DS3X134.208 Mbps1932 (2016)T3X
E4139.264 Mbps1920 (2148)E4
STS-3/SDH-1155.52 Mbps2016OC3
DS4274.176 Mbps3864 (4032)T4
J5400.352 Mbps5760J4
DS4E411.264 Mbps5796 (6048)T4E
STS-9/SDH-3466.56 Mbps6048OC9
DS4C560.160 Mbps7728 (8064)T4C
E5565.148 Mbps7680 (8592)E5
STS-12/SDH-4622.08 Mbps8064OC12
DS4X822.528 Mbps11,592 (12,096)T4X
STS-18/SDH-6933.12 Mbps12,096OC18
DS51.120 Gbps15,456 (16,128)T5
STS-24/SDH-81.244 Gbps16,128OC24
DS5X1.400 Gbps19,320 (20,160)T5X
DS5E1.680 Gbps23,184 (24,192)T5E
STS-36/SDH-121.866 Gbps24,192OC36
STS-48/SDH-162.488 Gbps32,256OC48
STS-96/SDH-324.976 Gbps64,512OC96
STS-192/SDH-649.952 Gbps129,024OC192
STS-25613.271 Gbps172,032OC256
STS-768/SDH-25639.813 Gbps516,096OC768
STS-3072/SDH-1024159.252 Gbps2,064,384OC3072

Note: The following signal levels are not standardized and/or are not in common use:
DS3C, DS3X, DS4E, DS4C, DS4X, DS5, DS5X, DS5E, E5, J5, STS-9, STS-18, STS-24, STS-36, STS-256, STS-768, STS-3072.

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